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Welcome to Motion Cryotherapy, Las Vegas’ premier Whole Body Cryotherapy and recovery center.  Motion Cryotherapy is local partnership of four friends who share a passion for the human body and treating it well. We have over thirty years of exprience


Mike McNamara, Summer McNamara, Ryan Staggs, Genesis Jameson

in fitness, health, and athletics. Whole body cryotherapy and cold therapy piqued our interest in mid 2014. Through a rigorous research process we are able to combine our knowledge of the human body and the technology of Whole Body Cryotherapy to bring our recovery center to fruition. Please take a moment to look through our site.  We’ve built our site to provide an insider’s feel for how those afflicted with various ailments or those living an active lifestyle can benefit from whole body cyrotherapy and other featured modalities.

We believe passionately in whole body cryotherapy. We know the depths of which lives are enriched. We feel a premium atmosphere and comfortable environment blended with precision service execution is the cornerstone of our business. Motion Cryotherapy is focused on perfecting our client experience beyond recovery. We share the most valuable product we have: knowledge and inspiration. MotionCryotherapy is the conduit for clients to leverage when the choice has been made to live the best life possible.

Motion Cryotherapy features industry-leading, American made technology known as the Impact Cryotherapy Chamber. The octagon-shaped cryo chamber creates a vortex of frozen fog comprised of liquid nitrogen. Seven powerful jets that deliver a liquid nitrogen frozen foz into the chamber at temperatures below minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit/190 degrees Celsius. Clients will be exposed to the frozen fog inside the black octagon for 1-3 minutes, depending on their level of cold tolerance.

Thank you very much for visiting our state.  We are very grateful to host you.

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(Disclaimer: If you’re unsure if you are a good candidate for Whole Body Cryotherapy, we suggest getting a doctor’s approval prior to engaging in these services.)